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Hi, my name is Jim Macdonald, and I have an odd assortment of interests. In no particular order, I love Yellowstone, I am an anti-authoritarian activist and organizer, and I have a background in philosophy, having taught at the college level. My blog has a lot more links to my writing and my other Web sites. In Jim's Eclectic World, I try to give a holistic view of my many interests. Often, all three passions show themselves interweaving in the very same blog. Anyhow, I think it's a little different. But, that's me. I'm not so much out there, but taken together, I'm a little unusual.

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    Thursday, March 27, 2008

    Report back on action now on Bozeman Activist Web site - introspective piece to follow

    A report has been written of last night's promising first event for the budding new Bozeman activist group that happened last night. I wanted to point people there.

    I think I'll be the person facilitating the first meeting in two Wednesdays. That meeting is open to the public; however, it's not a meeting without some sense of purpose. It's not a debate club; it's a group for planning action. I think the five points at the bottom of that report back get at some of the spirit we're talking about.

    Anyhow, I am going to write about my personal sense of the evening and of the great hope I feel. I just need the time to get myself together to write it. I feel enthralled by my evening, not just the event, but the discussions that carried on well into the night after the event. Some will say that talk is cheap, but out of such talk action flourishes.

    Please keep an eye out for it. We're going to be doing our best here in Bozeman, to keep an attentive ear to the community, especially those parts of the community that aren't empowered to speak out, that aren't being heard.

    If you don't make your way over to the Bozeman Activist Web site, the first planning meeting is Wednesday, April 9, at Montana State University's student union building - I think in a lobby (will get some clarification on that). It will be at 7 PM. The group will ultimately decide, but the current thinking is to shoot for biweekly meetings.


    Blogger Mike McCord said...

    I am mighty sorry I didn't make it over to that little soiree ya'll had. I sorely wanted to be there. I truly did. Unfortunately, my ol' ticker and I were having a bit of a disagreement. You see, I was of the opinion that it should keep pumping the way it has for all of these long years, and it . . . well, it was of the exact opposite opinion. Well, I'm a stubborn ol' coot, and as you can tell, I won that argument. Howsomever, it did put me out of commission for a bit. But I'm feeling better day by day, and I'll make it to one of your little shindigs yet.

    By the way, congratulations on that victory down in Yellowstone. Twenty-five disease free bison can now roam worry free until the tax deadline. And in a couple of years, maybe a hundred can. Huzzah! There's no sweeter smell than that of a battle won, is there?

    Nevermind that it cost about as much to let twenty-five live as it did to kill fifteen hundred of 'em, or that all the money that's been wasted on this effort, and all the money that I know will continue to be wasted on this effort, could have been put towards better use by it putting towards better schools, better health care, better anything.

    Nope, you got your victory. Next year, twenty-five buffler can rest easy. Congratulations, Pard.

    I suppose now we can relax a little and focus on other things that are equally important, like say . . . paper-cut prevention . . . or finding new rangeland for all of these stupid bicyclists that seem to be crowding the streets that were meant for cars and trucks.

    I don't know, Jimmy. Just throwing out ideas.

    4/18/08, 2:56 PM  
    Blogger Jim Macdonald said...

    I'm still waiting for answers to my arguments.

    If you insist on insulting me, I'll leave them on. Of the two of us, I think you'll come out looking the worse. Besides, I enjoy reading them; they are funny. We share them amongst each other and laugh; we were very disappointed you weren't at the event. There'll be more, and we'll be happy to have you for our own amusement, if for nothing else.

    And, as for the deal, I think it's pretty clear that it's a big defeat for the buffalo and for Yellowstone. You have to be pretty nuts to come up with a deal that makes friends of activists AND ranchers. But, that's just what happened, while the professional environmentalists can make money for their coffers, Schweitzer can go to re-election, and Suzanne Lewis can pretend that she's done something good for Yellowstone.

    And, for nothing, not even for those 25 buffalo, who also gain nothing by this.

    4/18/08, 7:50 PM  
    Blogger Mike McCord said...

    My, aren't we feeling feisty? I saw that little you exchange you had with that feller where your last article is posted. You're on a little bit of a tear, aren't you? I was going to put my two cents in, but figured it probably wasn't worth the bother. Besides, you already know how I feel.

    Anyway . . .

    How is it that you think I'm insulting you? I've really grown to like you, Jimbo. Especially after the way you went after that coward who wouldn't even put his name on his comment. Can't civilized people, such as ourselves, share a difference of opinion without it being considered insulting? I mean, I certainly take no offense from anything you say about me, or my comments. And if you want to pass them around amongst your buddies and have a giggle or two, well, that's just mighty fine by me. I'd be a hypocrite if I let it bother me, now wouldn't I? And when I am able to make it to one your get-togethers, I hope you save me a seat right up front so I don't miss anything.

    As far as you waiting for answers to your arguments, well, I kinda forgot about that and had to read through this little blog o' yours to figure out what you're talking about. Now I remember, but I also remember that you never did answer my question about how you feel about them Indians leaving carcasses all over the place down there in Gardiner. The way I see it, that's even more irresponsible and disrespectful to those shaggy beasts than anything the governments done. But I suppose that's too touchy of an issue for you to address. The government and the other buffalo hunters are okay to speak out about, but let's ignore what the Indian tribes do, right?

    You did call BS on me on one thing early on, I didn't read through your whole blog, just skimmed it, so I don't know your opinion of American Indians. But here's a condensed version of mine: Indians are people, same as you and me, and everyone else around the globe. I know that they've got a culture that they're trying to hold on to, and while I respect that, I do not hold them in any higher, or lesser, regard than I do anyone else. They're people, and people do stupid and irresponsible things, and people who stupid and irresponsible things should be held accountable for their actions. Furthermore, I believe it is your duty as activist, blogger, or whatever the hell you consider yourself to be, to address this issue. And I don't mean to me personally. What I mean is if you want to address injustice related to your cause, shouldn't you address all aspects of it instead of glossing over the parts you, or your compatriots, might feel to be ultra-sensitive? Wouldn't that be the responsible thing to do?

    Now, if you feel that any part of that is insulting, then you need to step back, take a deep breath, go on down to Kenyon-Noble, get some lumber, build a bridge . . . and get over it.

    By the way, I'm well aware of the fact that your precious bison didn't gain anything from that deal. That was just my snarky way of saying it.

    Snarky. Where do my grandkids come up with these words?

    4/19/08, 1:20 PM  

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