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Hi, my name is Jim Macdonald, and I have an odd assortment of interests. In no particular order, I love Yellowstone, I am an anti-authoritarian activist and organizer, and I have a background in philosophy, having taught at the college level. My blog has a lot more links to my writing and my other Web sites. In Jim's Eclectic World, I try to give a holistic view of my many interests. Often, all three passions show themselves interweaving in the very same blog. Anyhow, I think it's a little different. But, that's me. I'm not so much out there, but taken together, I'm a little unusual.

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    Tuesday, November 09, 2021

    New Project: Bozeman Antifa Dance (& Theatre Collective)


    In recent years, I have not posted a lot on my blog, as blogs have gone by the wayside as social media platforms have become the preferred avenue for sharing. The actual truth is that I have not been writing a lot, but that should change, and it may mean that more content from my current project - Bozeman Antifa Dance (& Theatre Collective) - that is, BAD, may end up right here.

    BAD is a collective of two people that I'm in with my best friend Aly White, and besides all the dancing we have done, we plan our website to be a showcase of writing and regular podcasts. Therefore, since we want word to get out, I may also point to posts on the BAD website here on this account and occasionally also post the best of my own writings here.

    This page is still the best storage place of my writings through the years as I've gone through evolutions as an anti-war grassroots organizer and activist, to someone who wrote a lot about issues related to Yellowstone National Park, and then to a flurry of activism related to buffalo as well as the Occupy Bozeman movement. In recent years, I've simply written less and danced a lot more. I became a licensed Chakradance facilitator and have pursued serious studies related to tantra (particularly the neo-tantric writings of Margo Anand). I have not stopped being an anarchist or anti-authoritarian; I found myself just seeking out the roots of why people are not so good to each other, even in well-meaning activist contexts. However, the itch has always been there.

    BAD is the place to find one side of me, even as I continue training in Chakradance, pursue my love affair with Yellowstone, continue on my ambling journeys in friendship and relationship, continue to be a father, and keep on with the process of living. For Yellowstone-related items, one of the best places to go is my Instagram, where I have posted a lot of beautiful pictures (even more on my Facebook), but I don't really want to see people I don't know there!

    Anyhow, look for more at the BAD website! Things I specifically write will be at this precise link.


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